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La coupe


You will find here our technical pages. These pages will give you informations to make parts of robots. You will then be able to gather these parts to make a complete robot. Some examples of small robots we made are also presented.

The difficulty of the pages is indicated near the title by a F as Fribotte :

no sign = easy, = medium, = difficult

You will easily find the new pages with the sign .

Of course, you can add your own pages by sending them to us at fribotte@free.fr or by using our forum.

We try as much as possible to translate our French pages into English, but it takes time and besides our English is not fluent at all !!! Do not hesitate to help us translate the pages or correct them !!! As we say in French, "we would be eternally grateful" ;-) !!


Basis in electronics
The resistors (French only)
All that you don't remember, but that you didn't dare to ask for !
Bipolar transistors (French only)
Lets talk about transistors.
Power amplifier "en tout ou rien" (how do you say that in English? :)) (French only)
Basis to control anything you want from a PIC.

Robot's brain
How to start with a PIC ?
A very simple micro-controler to start with robotics.
PIC and Linux  (French only)
Tools for creating and debugging programs for a PIC16F84 under Linux
Complete course about the PIC 16F84 (French only)**** From Bigonoff ****   
Everything explained from the beginning to the end ! A reference !
PIC and servo-motor (French only)
Or how to control servo-motors with the small cute micro-controller
2 leds for 1 port of the PIC
A trick to save Inputs/Outputs on a PIC.
Page to help you program a PIC
How to program a PIC without any pain...
Motherboard including 68hc11
A board for a micro-controler much more powerful than a PIC ;-)
Start with a PIC 16F877 (French only)
After the 16F84, let's try the 16F877. More powerful and still similar, it offers many new possibilities!
LCD(French only)
A heady success to see one's robot writting messages in understandable words !
Script ASM generator for PIC 16F84. (French only)
Script to generate codes essential for PIC functioning.
C programming for PIC (French only)
How to program your PIC micro-controller with the C langage. Presentation of some compilers.

Mechanics and motorization
Modifying a servo-motor to a continuous current motor (French only)
How to make a motor with reduction gear and its electronic control for less than 100F.
Advice on mechanics (French only) **** From Thomas (Esiea team Paris) ****
Some very useful information in mechanics.
Advice on Ni-Cd batteries (French only)**** From Thomas (Esiea Paris) ****
You will know almost everything on Nickel-Cadmium batteries.
Ni-Cd battery charger  (French only)
A small charger for your chargeable batteries.
Variator for DC motors (French only)
A variator for the robot motors.
Integrated circuits 'H bridge'(French only)
Some informations about bridge driver such as L298 or L6203...
Dimensionning the motors **** From 5lair **** (French only)
Speed, torque, power, ...
Control interface for 8 servo-motors. (French only)
With this board, you will control up to 64 servo-motors with a micro-controller or your PC.

What is a sensor ? (French only)
What are they used to ? Focus on positioning sensors.
ISA card (French only)
Building an ISA card for a PC to use sensors.
Line sensor (French only)
How to detect white lines so that the robot locates itself ?
Obstacle detection with infrared sensors (French only)
Or how not to bump into the walls ...
Beacon : The theory(French only)
How the robot can use them to know where it is.
The Fribotte's Beacon(French only)
Complete description of infra-red beacon
Mesure the distance : IR telemeter (French only)
An easy way to measure the distances with infrared (IR) sensors. Comparison with ultrasound telemeters.

Examples of robots
Laughing Pic ! A small complete robot! (French only)
Some pages of this Technical Database lead you to make a small robot that follows the light.
Happy, a Fribotte small robot which goes towards beacons (French only)
Happy is a Fribotte small robot used for the 2000 French Robotics Cup. It uses infrared beacon to search the balloons.

Pages specific to the 2000 Robotics Cup
Information on the objects used for the 2000 Cups
Reminding of the objects used for the Cup : Paint, Balloons, Playing ground.
Frame of a small robot (French only)
Images of the realization of the frame of one of our small robot.
SimSenior simulator 2002
It simulates the movements of our robots. It has been adapted from the simulator of the 99 team "Les SÚniors".
Useful advice (French only)
Many advice coming from our experience of the robotics Cup.
A report on the French Robotics Cup (French only)**** From Nicolas Delaporte ****
A complete report on Nicolas's participation to the French Cup.

It is not robotics but it can be useful
The different digital images formats(French only)
GIF, JPEG, BMP ... how it works, what is it done for, how it compresses...


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