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Technical DB


This is an information page that reminds the caracteristics of all the objects used for the 2000's Cup : paint, balloons, playing ground.


 The balloons.
ANSTJ's caracteristics.
A summary of what is written in the rules (download here ) and the appendix of the French Robotics Cup 2000 and Eurobot.

There are 5 blue balloons and 5 yellow balloons. Their height is "medium 28 cm". They will be inflated so that their minimun diameter 21 cm and their minimum height is 30 cm. These balloons are hanged (the knot at the top) to fixed gallows or mobile arches at 10 cm roughly of the playing area.
Fribotte's investigations.
It was quite difficult to find these balloons. But thanks to our perseverance, we managed to find balloons fitting the rules description.
The balloons. These balloons are made in Italy by Pegaso Giochi (http://www.pegasogiochi.com) and reselled in France by PICWIC shops(http://www.picwic.fr/).

They sell balloons with a diameter of 28 cm and 35 cm height ( the MEDIUM 28 ). They are sold by 27 balloons of plain color at roughly 15F. The exact references are :

Medium diameter 28 Yellow : PB930/90C
Medium diameter 28 Blue dull : PB930/90F
Medium diameter 28 Blue bright : PB930/90H

You can find them also in Pink (PB930/90A), Green (PB930/90B), Orange (PB930/90D), White (PB930/90G), Red (PB930/90L), en Purple (PB930/90M) and for your parties, you can find them heart shaped ( CUORE in italian ) with various sizes and also in metalic colors.

Fribotte's trick.
If your robot is so efficient (like ours!) that you spend too much for the balloons (we wish this happens to you!),

here is our trick :

  • Go with your girlfriend or boyfriend to a MacDonald's or Quick.
  • Order 2 menus.
  • When you are about to pay, tell the waiter :

    May I have some mayonnaise and ketchup... Please ?
    And would you have a few balloons for our children ?

  • When he brings you your hamburgers and the 3 balloons, tell him that you have 10 children to get more!

It's a success each time, if not, go to another restaurant!

If you have other tricks, tell us on our forum!


 The paints.
ANSTJ's caracteristics.
The playing ground :

Dull acrylic "english" Green   ref. 00336833 (pot of 0,5 litre)  brand IMPACT found at Leroy Merlin
Dull acrylic Black ref. 00336973 (pot of 0,5 litre)  brand IMPACT at Leroy Merlin
Bright acrylic White  ref. 00333872 (pot of 0,5 litre)  brand IMPACT at Leroy Merlin

Mobile balloons pedestals :

Bright light acrylic Yellow   ref. 00334152 (pot of 0,5 litre)  brand IMPACT at Leroy Merlin
"French" bright acrylic Blue  ref. 00334271 (pot of 0,5 litre)  brand IMPACT at Leroy Merlin


Fribotte's investigations.
Leroy Merlin shops: http://www.leroymerlin.fr/
Dull English green : 31.60FF for 0,5 litre
Dull black : 31.60FF for 0,5 litre
Bright white : 31.20FF for 0,5 litre
official paints
The official paints

Last modified: 19 february 2000