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The Robotics Cup

 The preparation
Getting ready for such events as the Robotics Cups or Trophies needs a long preparation. We present here an overview of what is done before the competition, seen by volunteers. Of course, along the year, a hard-labour is done by the employees. The volunteers' job completes it.
  The Referees comity
The referees comity is held regularly to answer the teams' questions. Indeed, the strategies considered by the teams are not obviously clearly mentionned in the rules. The referees comity will accept or refuse the contentious strategies.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is also written by this comity.
99 FAQ
F.A.Q. 99 Cup
  The follow-up
For the Cup, each team is visited by a member of the ANSTJ. The employees of the robotics department do most of these visits but the volunteers help them.
This follow-up is a mean to present the association, answer the team's questions as far as the organisation or the rules is concerned, transmit the more in-depth questions to the referees comity and warn the team if a forbidden strategy has been chosen.
  Creativity and fair play prizes
The trophies given to the teams for the creativity or the fair play prizes are prepared by artists volunteers!!
The making of a trophy

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Last modified: Oct 28 1999