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The robotics cup

 The organization team
To coordinate the volunteers, 4 ANSTJ employees from the robotics department are there ! One of them is the ANSTJ coordinator, and acts as intermediary with the organization team, the employees of la Ferté Bernard town and the VM productions team.
It is the first center that the teams see.

The reception role is to :
  • welcome the teams as soon as they arrive and check the administrative procedures (ANSTJ subscription, insurance policy, stand number...)
  • inform the teams of the stage of the competition (beginning of the probation, timetable for the matches,...)
  • broadcast teams' announcements (for instance : look for components)
  • centralize information for the organization team
  • gather chocolate for the volunteers and the employees!!!
The referees guaranty that the rules will be respected and well interpreted. They are the only ones who can answer questions relative to the rules.
They operate during the probation and the matches.

The referees The referees
And yet they referee ! (99 Trophies Corbeil)
The beaters have to be well equipped to hold out the 5 day competition without any blister! Their role is to show the teams their stand on the first day, and then fetch the competitors when they have to play their match.

the beaters the beaters
A temporary calm moment (99 Trophies Corbeil)
They calculates the matches and print the intermediary results. They write down the probated teams and then the results of each match. Then by using a program written by a volunteer, they get the list of the next matches.

Match sheets
Match sheets (99 Trophies Corbeil)
A workshop is set in each stand room. You will find there heavy tools to tinker with the robots (drills, vices..). Electronic components are also available to do running repairs. One or two volunteers are there to advise, and help the teams solve their problems.
The workshop
The workshop (99 Trophies Corbeil)
These overshadowed people are in charge of the installation of the playing tables and manage the traffic on the stage. A presenter is also in charge of giving a commentary during the matches for the audience.

Stage (99 Cup)
Presenter (99 Trophies St Etienne)
Internet (99 Trophies Corbeil)
This group has to display the results on the internet live, take digital pictures for the web pages and manage the web cam (when it works!).

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Last modified: Oct 28 1999