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The robotics cup

 The Cup, day by day
The Robotics cups last 5 days. We present here the progress of these days as it used to be the previous years.
  Day 1 : reception and probation
The teams are welcomed at their arrival by the organisation team and settled down on their stand.

The probation can then start. This means that the robot is checked to see if it is consistent with the rules.
To do so, each robot is pre-checked by referees to see if its static characteristics are all right, if the emergency switch is in evidence, etc...
The probation takes place on the playing ground and the robot has to accomplish a minimal action as mentioned in the specifications.

Probation model
Referee building a probation model
(99 Trophies St Etienne)
(99 Trophies Corbeil)
  Day 2 : probation and match
The probation ends with joy or pain depending on the teams. Some non probated teams go on working on their robot to get the pleasure seeing it working before leaving la Ferté Bernard.

Once the list of the probated teams is known, the first matches are stuck. These first matches are established at random.
  Day 3 : 3 qualifications matches
During this day, each team has 3 qualification matches to play. This time, they are no more determined at random, but for each match, the results of the previous match is taken into account. The winners will play with the winners, the losers with the losers and withdraws with withdraws.
This is done in order to improve the robots' classification.
Qualification match (99 Cup)
  Day 4 : 1 qualification match, French finals, European teams probation
The last qualification match takes place in the morning. After this match, a classification of the teams is made. The 16 first teams reach the final. Often a last match is made to determine the 16th place.

The afternoon is for the French Robotics Cup finals. During these finals, 16 robots are gathered on the back stage and compete on eliminating heat. Be careful, everything goes fast and stressful. One must be outstanding and produce a nice show for the audience!

The audience
The audience (99 Cup)
95 Cup
INT's victory (95 Cup)

In the evening, the probation of europeans teams starts.
  Day 5 : Eurobot : qualifications and finals
In the morning, the European qualifications take place with European teams and the 3 best French teams.
In the afternoon, the European finals start.

Eurobot Eurobot
Eurobot 98

It is finished.... :-(((  See you next year!

Last modified: Nov 2 1999