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La coupe


Most Fribottes were initiated to robotics thanks to their involvement into the French Robotics contest. We met while participating to this competition. And it is to share our passion that we got involved in the contest organisation team.

 General overview
  The French Robotics Cup and Eurobot
The French Robotics Cup and Eurobot are organized by the French association Planete Sciences (former ANSTJ) along with VM Group and the town of la Ferté Bernard (France).
The goal of the competition is to build an autonomous robot consistent with specifications that change every year. The competition takes place as challenges between 2 teams.
Other qualifications takes place all over Europe (Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Yugoslavia,...). The 3 best teams from each national qualification compete with the other european teams in Eurobot.
  The E=M6 Trophies
A competition similar to this one is held for younger students with wire-guided robots : the e=m6 robotics Trophies.
  How to register ?

Send a mail to Planete Sciences to ask for the rules and administrative documents.

Planète Sciences
16 place J. Brel - 91130 Ris-Orangis - FRANCE
Tel : +33 1 69 02 76 14 Fax : +33 1 69 43 21 43
eurobot@planete-sciences.org or trophees@planete-sciences.org


Where to find information ?
On the ANSTJ's robotics forum .
On the IRCNet channel #robot.
  Previous competitions
The first Cup took place in 1994 and the enthusiasm is still growing!!

We present a brief description of the previous competitions.

 The organization
  Planete Sciences volunteers
The robotics department of Planete Sciences (formerly ANSTJ) organizes with its employees 90% of the event, especially thanks to its volunteers. The event wouldn't exist without the volunteers, so do not hesitate to join them to organize the Cups or the Trophies!

As some members of the Fribotte team where also volunteers the previous years, we present here a glimpse of the organization that helps the progress of the competitions.
The ANSTJ people!
The ANSTJ People (99 Cup)
  The progress of the 5 days of competition
A presentation day by day of the French Robotics Cup and Eurobot. Of course this information may change each year.
  The competition location : la Ferté Bernard
You will find practical information about the place : how to go to la Ferté, the accommodations there, the very place where the competition will be and the stands.

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