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The news

 Fribotte team reports
During the French week of science, on the 23rd and 24th of October, the ANSTJ presented in the "Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris", robots made by youths during the Furobalex camp. These robots were used to test the Cup 2000 rules.

ANSTJ Robotics stand
The ANSTJ Robotics stand
Benoit, a dynamic employee!
Benoit, a dynamic employee!

 Robots already finished!
  The Furobalex camp

The ANSTJ camp Furobalex took place last July. 8 youngs from 15 to 18 realised in 3 weeks 2 autonomous robots consistent with the 2000 Cup's rules.

Some of these youngs didn't have any knowledge in robotics before this camp and discovered everything there. Albeit helped by ANSTJ persons, making totally autonomous robots in 3 weeks is a performance!

Futhermore they work!!

  The playing ground

The camp is a way to test the rules before they are officially published in september. A playing ground is built in order to allow matches.

Watch it! : The pictures presented here are the ones of the table prototype! The final realization may be different at la Ferté Bernard.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

General overview
General overview of the table

Table detail
Watch it ! some balloons used here are smaller than what is mentioned in the rules.

Movable balloons
Movable balloons
Movable balloons

Watch it! : for this table prototype, the pedestals are round. They are hexagonal in the rules!
Balloons' upper connection
Balloons' upper connection

Movable pedestral
Movable pedestral
Fixed balloons
Fixed balloons' connection
Fixed balloons' connection
  The robots

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to see the 2 robots moving.

The team
The team presenting its robot
Ze robot
Here it is!

The robot was realised with ANSTJ boards (Foxacogit, MEC, etc... see ANSTJ site). It blows the balloons by heating a resistance wire and it finds its way thanks to the white lines.
Resistive wire
The secrete weapon
bang ....    What efficiency !!! :-)

Last modified: November 7 1999