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The goal of this page is to have a list of the teams who are taking part in the Cup/Eurobot. The information about each team are written by these teams. We invite you to register the name of your team in order to have as many teams as possible.
You are free to write all that you want about your team. Nevertheless, we keep a right to modify or suppress any abuse.

All information written on these pages are under the responsibility of their author. No member of the fribotte team will be responsible for any purpose in the teams descriptions.

To add your team into the base, please click <<HERE>>...

If you want to add your photo on the bottom of the description, please send it to us by email as an attached file (addressed to fribotte@free.fr), telling us the name of your team, we will be pleased to add it on the description.

  Les équipes

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No team has currently registered, but this should not be a pretext for not registering !