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 Interview : Regular Eurobot team

1998 Team
  If you saw Eurobot, you could not have missed them. They have been here since the first European competition. A team entirely in orange, from the T-shirts to the robot ! The Team from the Technological University of Eindhoven (TUE) from the Netherlands answered our questions (by e-mail... next time we will definitely have to make the interview at their place!).


 The interview
Fribotte Team : How many students are they in your team ?
TUE Team :
  11 students

Fribotte Team : Is the robot part of a school project or is it made after school time ?
TUE Team :
  Yes, it is part of an internship.

Fribotte Team : Do you have robotics courses at school? What are the main subjects of your education ?
TUE Team :
  That depends, the students that attend to this project are not all from the same studycourse. Only the students from electrical and mechanical engineering have had some colleges in system control and robotics.

Fribotte Team : How much time do you spend making the robot ?
TUE Team :
  A lot (we think), more or less the whole week (6 hours/day) for one and a half months.

Fribotte Team : Are there robotics competitions such as Eurobot in the Netherlands ?
TUE Team :

Fribotte Team : Why are you dressed in orange? :-)
TUE Team :
  hmm, ever watched football?? and why is the pope catholic?? (it is the color of the royal house :))

Fribotte Team : Were some members of your team at the 1999 Eurobot ? If not, do you have contacts with the former team ?
TUE Team :
  No, but the same people are guiding us as last year.

Fribotte Team : What do you expect from a competition such as Eurobot?
TUE Team :
  We do not have a lot of expectations except for that there is a faircompetition and we will enjoy the weekend.

Fribotte Team : What did you learn from the previous Eurobot competitions ?
TUE Team :
  Final checkup is important!!
Batteries have to be full!!
The design can not be TO complicated.
Two weeks to finish a robot is not much.
etc etc.

Fribotte Team : What do you think of the organisation of Eurobot?
TUE Team :
  The questions from the teams could be answered sooner and the specification of the track could be more detailed.

Fribotte Team : What do you think of the atmosphere, the French teams and the other european teams ?
TUE Team :
  It's a nice atmosphere, the only thing we did notice was a lack of french women :)

Fribotte Team : What is your goal for this competition ? Will you win ? :-)
TUE Team :
  yes, we only have to find a way to eliminate the robot of "ville du frais" (those guys that always win).

Fribotte Team : The previous years, we admired the technical quality of your robots, what do you think you have more than other teams ?
TUE Team :
  You probably say that to every team you interview :) A lot of teams had bad designing, but some are really original.

Fribotte Team : Will you do sigh seeing during your stay in France ?
TUE Team :
  We will have to refer to our previous answer (the french women....)

Fribotte Team : Will you test frog legs ? :-)
TUE Team :
  And my name's elvis... (conclusion: NO)

Fribotte Team : Good luck for the competition !!

Les Pays-Bas
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Eindhoven (From Encarta Encyclopedia 1999 - translated from french...)

Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, in northern Brabant province, crossed by the Dommel river. After the installation of the Philips electrical factory in 1891, the town became a industrial center and a railroad node. Its main activities are the automotive industry and cigarettes industry. It also has a trading and cultural fonction. It houses a technological university (1956) and a famous modern art museum.
The founding charter of Eindhoven goes back to 1232. The town has been hardly dammaged during the Second World War. Population (1992 estimation) : 194 000 inhabitants.

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Last modified : april 30 2000