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 New reports
Sony Dream World 2003 (In French)
Among other Sony products we were able to admire the humanoid robot QRIO, and the dog robots AIBO.


 The Robotics Cup 2000
The extras of the competition (In French)
At the edge of the competition, other robotics events take place : an off-competition, the smallest robot, conferences...
La Ferté by night (In French)
One should not miss a night of the competition. So many things happen...

Fifounet, the chief referee (May 2000) (in French)
You'd better be nice with him ;-)
Journalists from VM (May 20 2000) (in French)
Our latest tests have been filmed by TV journalists for the TV report about the competition.
Eindhoven University of Technology - the Netherlands (april 2000)
They participate to Eurobot from the very beginning. We tried to know more about them with this e-mail interview.
Nicolas Goldzahl (april 2000)(in French)
Director of VM Productions, the firm that films the competition for the TV, he is very involved in the project and has accepted to answer our questions.
Patrick Quéméré (January 21 2000)
ANSTJ volunteer, he helps to organize the 2000 robotics competitions and he is an active member of the referees comity.

The American competitions (in French)
Here is an e-report on 2 american robotics competition which look a lot like ours...
At the ANSTJ (March 1st 2000)in French
A new month, a new gathering. You will find : a need of volunteers, a speech on sensors and a strange robot man with tie..
Exhibit at the Natural History Museum (February 5-6 2000)
During the week-end "the various forms of intelligences" at the Natural History Museum (Paris), the ANSTJ presented different robots (autonomous and controlled by computer) and made many people discover robotics.
At the ANSTJ (December 1 1999) in French
Every 1st wednesday in the month, you can go and see the robotics section of the ANSTJ. And it is what we did!
The Week of Science (October 23-24 1999)
A presentation of the robots made by youths during the Furobalex camp. These robots were used to test the Cup 2000 rules.

Last modified : 2 may 2000