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Les reportages

 The Fribotte team reports
   During the weekend "the various forms of intelligences" from the 6 to February 7 in the "muséum d'histoire naturelle" at Paris, the ANSTJ presented various robots (autonomous and controlled by computer) and made discover robotics to many people.

The 'muséum d'histoire naturelle' ANSTJ stand
The "muséum d'histoire naturelle" ANSTJ stand

   Children could use a workshop to discover how to build quickly small robots.

Samia explique aux enfants comment faire un robot Et ca bricole !!
Samia explains how to build quickly small robots A child building a bot

 Bots demonstrations
  Fribotte team bots

   The fribotte team has decided to present her small robots to the visitors of the "muséum d'histoire naturelle" to explain how they work and also to demonstrate that it is possible to build autonomous robots with a small budget (approximately 300F for a robot). We hope that many people will have taken taste to the robotics with these demonstrations.

Bashful turns around the paperboard Lio plays with Happy
"Bashful" turns around the paperboard Lio playing with "Happy"
A zoom on Happy
A zoom on "Happy"
  The Lego bot

   This robot, built by Guillaume, has pleased the children. It offered many strategies: A frontal shock starts it or stops it, a strong source of light also starts it. In short, it enchanted the children and fascinated the parents.

The lego bot Another view
The Lego bot Hop, another view
The upper view
The upper view
  Two bots with an original control system

   The control system of the robots "domestic iron" of the ANSTJ is very original. It is in fact a personal computer which controls the robots using an interface which differs completely from standards interfaces like the serial line or the parallel port. In fact, some light-sensitive resistors are connected to a power module which controls the robot engines. These light-sensitive resistors are stuck to different parts of the PC screen. Moreover, the software which controls the robot, lights or extinguishes some areas of this screen. This causes to power or not the engines.

The bot 'domestic iron' control station
The bot "domestic iron" The control station
Again the bot 'domestic iron' And his friend
Again the bot "domestic iron" :) And his friend ;)
  Some photographs which present environment

   To finish, here some photographs to present exactly the environment of this weekend.

Discussion between 'ANSTJtien' Les enfants qui apprennent en s'amusant :-)
Discussion between "ANSTJtiens" The children learn while having fun :-)
They are really studious Is it serious doctor ?
They are really studious Is it serious doctor ?
Bruno : the teacher
Bruno : the teacher

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