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The robot

 The robot on February the 19th 2000
The playing ground is coming along and the MIOs learn to think....
  The playing ground
No doubt : the playing ground is taking all the room ! We find it too big ! 3m40*2m is difficult to manage! It is our opinion. Tell us what you think about that in our survey (on the left of the home page) !
Lio mettant du mastic
Lio takes care of the joints
The playing ground so far, it's :
  • 10m2 of boards in small parts found here and there.[thanks Laurent ! thanks Lio !]
  • 30h work in the shavings and dust.[thanks Laurent ! atishoo Lio !]
  • a precision to the millimetre everywhere [arglll Laurent ! thanks Lio !]
  • an unbelievable solidity [thanks Laurent ! thanks Lio !]
Laurent en pleine réflexion
Chief-architect Laurent thinking !
3mm de trop!
- Laurent : "3 millimetres too long ! I have to fix it !"

The main work is completed [thanks to Laurent and Lionel]. The borders and the painting still remain.

Les informaticiens Lio showing the programmers what a border is...

Bruno et la bordure Practical work
Lio et la bordure
The Lio resolute

  The MIOs
The programmers work on the algorithms. It's amazing what a PIC can do !
The electronic boards are ready to be soldered...

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Last modified : 21 feb 2000