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The robot

 The robot on April the 1st 2000
The Fribotte lament

Why are the days so short?
Our robot progresses so slowly,
That La Ferté seems to us a dream
Inaccessible and ambitious.

Yes, the playing ground is finished,
MIOs move on it,
But without a final program
And without real shell.

However May arrives quickly
And we all work very hard
In programming, electronics and mechanics
For this so exiting adventure.

You, who still are at school,
Benefit from this blessed time,
Where the days like arrows do not fly,
A bygone age for the Fri.
  Snow White
Snow white is our main robot, the one carrying the beacon. The MIOs are laid inside (3 on each side) and will leave it at the time of the departure.

Snow White
Side view
Snow White
With the MIOs inside

Snow White has been made with plexiglass and wood. The wheels are disks of plexiglass covered with plastic joints. Gears connect the wheels to the engines and thus create 4 driving wheels.

The engines are the same servo-motors as the ones we use for the MIOs. Consequently, we can test the movement of the robot with the boards we already use, with a simple program.

The robot aims only at going straight on to leave the starting area, as the rules specify it. The servos are therefore sufficient to go down the hill.

Props have still to be made, in order to help the positionning of the MIOs at the beginning. This is very important as some work only with timers and are very sensitive to the initial position.

We must also make the beacon holder, make and program the board, and install the starting mechanism which will give the MIOs the order to start.
  The MIOs
Une PMI avec sa carte
MIO with a final board
The final boards of the MIO are made (Lio's kitchen will remember it a long time...).

Although the MIO have different sensors and actions, we made a unique board for all of them.
It was easier to do and besides, in case of problems during the competition, we will be able to invert them quickly.

Here is the progress of the MIOs :

For all of them, the starter is not placed and the hot spot is not ready.
Name Caracteristics Status and remarks
Bashful Follows the edges Adjustments must be made on the black paint of the playing ground (increase the emission?).
Adapt the prototype algorithm to the playing ground.
Doc Follows the lines Sensor board ready.
Control algorithm ready on paper.
Algorithm for the choice of the road ready on paper.
All the code has to be made.
Sneezy Follows the lines + throws Sleepy Same as Doc.
Problem : how to throw Sleepy ?
Sleepy Straight on Micro-MIO
Only a prototype works.
Dopey Timer The final board has to replace the prototype board.
The program is finished, adjustments has to be made on the playing ground.
Happy Beacon The final board has to replace the prototype board.
Happy goes correctly towards the beacon.
Some adjustments must be made for the start and the control.
The program must be finalised.
Grumpy Follows the lines The MIO from Toulouse is OK, see the last progress page.

Here is Happy's beacon.
This beacon has an infrared crown which transmits a code.
Happy first goes down the hill with timers, the it looks for the beacon with its mobile receiver and goes towards it
We hope to find the time to write a page on this beacon in our technical database...
  The web pages
We should make more pages.... We promised to make a robot with all the explanations on the internet, yet our technical data base pages do not progress.... But we also have to finish the robot.... Argllll !!!! What a dilemna !

  Still a lot to be done !

  • Finish Snow White
  • Finish the MIOs
  • Make the beacon/balloon holders

  • Finish the boards
  • Finish the hot spot
  • Solder the beacons

  • Start all the programs
  • Test the codes that are ready
  • Make the adjustments on the playing ground
There are 60 days left !
Un Fri furieux !

The Fri' should hurry !

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Last modified 2 april 2000