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The robot

 The robot on May the 1st 2000
Building small robots is one thing, making them drive on the track in another. Everything gets complicated now ! It is necessary to optimize the course of each robot to avoid (or at least reduce) the shocks between our own modules... Despite our plans, a test with only 2 robots at the same time, showed that the timing is not obvious to manage.

We present here the Fribotte strategy. Of course, it can evolve before the competition. The image here gives an outline of what the playing ground will be like with all our robots on it (the courses of the robots is shown in red).

Hmmm... Considering the chaotic behavior, we will only talk in this page about the first 30 seconds, and in a game without any opponent.
Stratégie Fribotte
  The initial position
The sensors on the robots determine their initial position in the carrousel. For example, the robots that follow the white lines will be placed in priority in the center so that they could follow the line since the very beginning.
Caution : The robots at the center of the carrousel will start in reverse gear !
Besides, we build a new small robot : Prince. It is a copy of Doc and will replace any failing robot. We have to be far-sighted ...

Name of the MIO Sensor used
Bashful (Timide) Wall follower with turret, front switch.
Doc(Prof) Line follower, front switch.
Grumpy (Grincheux) Line follower, front switch.
Sneezy (Atchoum) Beacon without turret, front switch.
Happy (Joyeux) Beacon with turret, front switch.
Dopey (Simplet) Front switch.
Sleepy (Dormeur) None
Prince Line follower, front switch.
Disposition dans le manège
The place of the robots inside the carrousel
  The first 30 seconds
Here is, with more details, the course of each MIO at the beginning of the match. The trajectories are defined so that a balloon is blown up by more than on robot (to increase the chance of success), and most MIOs attack at least 2 balloons.

Fribotte strategy in the beginning of the match
Support ballons mobiles
Mobile balloons
Doc is being tested
Supports ballons fixes
Unmovable balloons
  The MIOs body
To avoid problems with the needles or pins getting into our robots, we are making them a body to protect them. These bodies are made with resin on cardboard frame.

The resin on the cardboard

The general shape

Fribottes working

3 bodies sunbathing !

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Last modified 2 may 2000