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The robot

 The robot on January the 22nd 2000
The holidays are over ! With the new year, we start to work again to achieve what we set out to do !
  The MIO
We have determined the actions of each of the modules. The modules have a identical frame and differ by their sensors and the way they blow up the balloons.

Name Moving Sensor Blower (!) Progress and remarks
His shyness make him skims the walls.
Wall follower Nearness sensor with modulated infrared on a turret Hot spot The prototype follows the walls.
Adjustments on black wall in progress.
Algorithm has to be adapted to the playing ground.
The intellectual, nothing stops him.
Line follower Infraref Hot spot The board is ready.
Algorithm for servo control ready on paper.
Algorithm for the decision on the way ready on paper.
He sputters micro MIOs.
Line follower + beacon Infrared Throws Sleepy + hot spot Idem as Doc.
Problem : How to throw Sleepy?
Just a small effort ! It is not so difficult.
Straight on None Needle Micro-MIO candidate for the competition of the smallest MIO :-))
10 steps forward, turn right, 30 other steps forward ...
Timer None Hot spot Algorithm in progress.
Visits the playing ground, leading happily to the balloons.
Beacon Infrared turret Hot spot First transmission tests.
Transmission protocol determined.
He does nothing as the others, a 68HC11, no servo-motor...
Line follower Infrared Needle The MIO from Toulouse moves ! ;-)

  Snow white
Nothing is done for the moment. The MIOs must be nearly finished first.
  The playing ground
After many talks, it appears essential to build a playing ground for the tests . Testing on other team's playing ground seem difficult regarding our "after work" timetable. Other problem, the playing ground is too big !!! Fortunately, we may have found a room to put it for the moment...
We have now to find enough wood to build it. By the way, if you have timbers of 3m on 2m, we need them ! :-)
  The team
Les Fribotte, sans Stéphane :-(
All the Fribottes (except Stéphane !)
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Last modified on january 30 2000